Switzerland is small in size, but half the country is mountains, the breathtaking Swiss Alps. As you travel around, kids will hear three different languages spoken - French, German and Italian.



Bernese Oberland
Lake Geneva
Ride the trains - Switzerland has some of the most amazing train rides in the world, with panoramic views of glaciers and snow covered peaks. Some trains go where there are no cars, such as the trains to Zermatt or Wengen. There's a variety of trains, from cogwheel railways or steam trains that inch up the mountains, to the Top of Europe - Jungfraujoch railway that runs inside the mountain and arrives at a station high in the Alps.
Wanderweg - Hiking with kids in Switzerland is a must do, even if it's just an easy stroll on a green hillside with cows grazing, panoramas of snow covered peaks in the distance. Everywhere in Switzerland are hiking trails, very well marked with yellow "Wanderweg" signs. Wherever you're staying, stop into the tourist office for free detailed Wandern hiking maps.
Fun food
Sample the Switzerland's most famous dish, cheese fondue. It is a melange of cheeses, usually Gruyere, Appenzeller and Emmentaler. Kids will enjoy dipping bread, or sometimes vegetables, into the hot cheese.
The Swiss are famous for their chocolates, and kids will want to sample them at every opportunity, plus hot chocolate is very good, year round.
Ice cream. Think of all those cows, and yes, Swiss ice cream is delicious. Kids will want to try the local gelato (part of Switzerland is Italian speaking), as well as one of our favorites, Movenpick.

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