Zermatt - Matterhorn
Meet Saint Bernard dogs (Grand Saint Bernard Pass) - The Grand Saint Bernard Pass, near Martigny, has been a route through the Alps for centuries. Travelers who were lost in the snow were rescued by Saint Bernard dogs. The monks at the Saint Bernard monastery bred and trained these brave dogs, which can smell people even in the snow. Today, at Grand Saint Bernard Pass, the monastery is run by a foundation, visit the museum about the history of the dogs.
The Saint Bernard dogs spend their summers here in the kennels, and when volunteers walk the dogs, kids can meet and pet the dogs (there's no set schedule). Also, kids will want to buy Saint Bernard stuffed animals, the perfect traveling companions.
Schwimmbad Geschina (Brig) - Staying overnight in Brig? Relax in this swim complex with outdoor swimming pool, children's pool, water slide, restaurant, lockers.  Open May to September.
Rhone Glacier (Rhonegletscher) - Furka Pass
Rhone Glacier -This glacier, one of the largest in Switzerland, is the source of the Rhone River. Park at the Hotel Belvedere for glacier views, but most fun is a visit to the Ice Cave (Eisgrotte). The Eisgrotte is a long tunnel, about 300 ft long, carved into the glacier. The bluish light of the ancient ice (200 - 300 years old) is fascinating for kids. Tip: It's very cold in the Eisgrotte, so bring your sweaters.
Gletsch Nature Trail - In Gletsch, go for a walk in the valley along the Rhone River, as it flows down from the glacier above. The trail goes through mossy alpine meadows, filled with wildflowers in season, next to the river, which is a floury green-blue (the floury color is from finely ground up rock from the glacier in the water). Pick up the trail at the parking lot at the north end of town, next to the bridge.
Furka steam railway - In summer, ride the Furka cogwheel steam railway from Oberwald or Gletsch to Realp. On the 2 1/2 hour ride, the train chugs up the to the Furka Pass, with views of the glacier, passing through tunnels and over bridges (one of which is folded up in winter). An engineering tour de force, kids can imagine what it was like a hundred years ago to build this railway over such mountainous terrain.
Tip: If you want a short steam train ride, ride between Oberwald and Gletsch one direction, and take the PostAuto bus back.
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