In the 20th century, Berlin figured in two world wars and was a divided city, East and West Berlin, for nearly thirty years. Look around town for the "Berlin bears" - everywhere you turn, there's another colorful bear painted with fanciful designs. Kids can climb on the Berlin bears all they want.

Mitte - City Center
Museum Island
Berlin Wall & More Museums
Greater Berlin

Berlin day trips
Fun food
In 1963, when John F. Kennedy gave a speech near the Berlin Wall, he used the phrase " Ich bin ein Berliner." A "Berliner" is a kind of doughnut, filled with jam and covered with sugar. Try these doughnuts at any bakery. Or dig into a Wurst and Frites, incredibly good sausages (they look like chubby hot dogs) and french fries.

Tip: Berlin has an extensive and convenient subway (U-bahn) and above-ground train system (S-bahn). Get a "Small Group" ticket (up to five persons) for the day, or a Welcome Card 2 or 3 days pass, and go anywhere within Berlin city.

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