Day Trips
Damane Dahlem (Dahlem) - Damane Dahlem is an old German farm in the southern suburb of Dahlem. Kids can ride horses, eat honey, see wool spinning demonstrations and other traditional agricultural activities.
Zitadelle (Spandau) - The Zitadelle is an impressive 12th century fort, surrounded by a moat on the Havel river. It was a pretty good fort, because it was only attacked once, when Napoleon took it over. In winter, the Zitadelle is a favorite hangout for bats. Climb up the turreted tower, Juliusturm, for views. Bring a picnic.
Potsdam - Take the boat to Potsdam to see Frederick the Great's summer palace and park, Park Sanssouci. The creamy yellow palace, the Schloss Sanssouci, is stunning, but the terraces and gardens are spectacular. The park is filled with extravagant fountains, lakes and ponds. Engineering-minded family members will want to visit the Steam-Engine House which pumped water to all the fountains around the park. The gardens are dotted with pseudo-ruins such as the fanciful Chinese House, Roman baths, Dragon House, Neptune's Grotto and Hill of Ruins.
Filmpark Babelsberg - Tour the Babelsberg Film Studios, one the oldest picture studios. See stunts shows, amazing film sets and special effects, such as the show in the Volcano. For little kids there is a 3-D show of a popular German children's book, by Janosch.

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