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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton has spectacular scenery, from snow covered peaks to green meadows, bison herds grazing in the sagebrush, moose munching on willow thickets, and the wide Snake River winding through the valley.

Moose Junction
Jenny Lake
Coulter Bay
Grand Teton wildlife
Tips Grand Teton with Kids
Wildlife - Grand Teton has such an abundance of wildlife, and it's a real treat to see them in their natural habitat. The best time to spot wildlife is often early in the morning or late evening (it's still light at 9:00pm in summer). Along Gros Vente Rd. which winds along the river, look for moose, find bison, elk and Pronghorn at Antelope Flats Rd., beaver at Oxbow Bend, bald eagles in the trees along the Snake River.
We found it well-worthwhile to take a guided wildlife expedition, about four hours. Our guide took us around the valley, we learned all sorts of cool stuff about wildlife, geology and history of the Jackson Hole valley, and really got to see the animals. (As it turns out, it isn't always easy to see a moose in the willows). Our favorite was the Pronghorn (like an antelope) - it can run up to 50 - 60mph, is the fastest land mammal in North America, and has been around since the Pleistocene era.
Float trips - Float trips down the Snake River are fun for everyone in the family. Ours was a combination cookout and float trip at sunset. Our guide did all the rowing, all we had to do was sit back and enjoy the marvelous scenery and wildlife along the river (great blue herons, bald eagles, osprey, bison, elk, beaver lodges). Older kids will also enjoy two hour white water rafting trips down the river.
Go camping - There are five campgrounds in the park, Jenny Lake campground is tents only, Colter Bay has tent cabin sites and an RV park. In summer there are campfire and junior ranger programs and ranger-led hikes.
Campground reservations are required! Reserve up to 6 months ahead.
Family Hotels

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