Grand Teton National Park
Jenny Lake
Jenny Lake -
Shuttle boat - If you're doing the Hidden Falls or Cascade Canyon Trail, take the shuttle across the lake from the East Dock to the West Dock; this saves a 2 mile hike around the lake. The shuttle goes every 15 minutes, seven days a week, all day, May to September.
Rent canoes and kayaks , and paddle around the lake on your own.
Scenic boat ride - Go for a one hour scenic boat ride on Jenny Lake, the cruise is especially magical late in the day. Find out about the nature, history and lore of Jenny Lake, how the lake was formed (by glaciers), and what lives in the lake (trout), and animals around the lake (deer, elk, moose). May to September.
All the boating is available from the Jenny Lake East Boat Dock.
String Lake - String Lake is a lake for wading and swimming. Between the String Lake Trailhead and Leigh Lake Trailhead parking lots, follow the trail right around the lake. You'll find plenty of little sandy beaches and places for kids to play in the water, and picnic areas .
Day hikes -
Hidden Falls - Even little kids can do the hike to Hidden Falls (if you take the shuttle boat across Jenny Lake) - it's only half a mile to this gorgeous rushing waterfalls.
For bigger kids, from Hidden Falls follow the trail to Inspiration Point, and then loop back to the West Boat Bock (the distance isn't far, but there is one steep section on the trail at Inspiration Point). From the dock, walk back around Jenny Lake, 2 miles.
Or, from Inspiration Point, hike up the Cascade Canyon Trail as far as you like. The trail parallels the creek, with gorgeous views of creeks cascading down the rocky mountain peaks. Look for moose in the meadows.
String Lake - Looking for a largely level hike, with not much up and down? It's an easy 2.5 mile hike around String Lake, scenic and lovely, bridge across the river, and wildflowers on the eastern slopes. Start the hike at the String Lake Trailhead.
Tip: South Jenny Lake is very popular, go early in the day, before the parking lots and trails get crowded.