grand teton
Grand Teton National Park
Moose Junction

This area is aptly named. One evening around twilight, near the bridge on the east side of the Snake River, we saw a large bull moose with dark brown velvet horns bedding down for the night after a tasty dinner of willow leaves, and near the visitor center, a mom moose with her reddish colored calf.

Craig Thomas Visitor Center - Make this visitor center your first stop in the park. Pick up free maps of day hikes in the park, watch a 20 min. movie about Grand Teton, and check out the discovery center. There are exhibits about the habitats (wetlands, sagebrush, meadows, forests and alpine), people who've lived in the Jackson Hole valley, plants and animals. Touch pelts of grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, elk, moose, bison, gray wolf, mountain lion and see how to spot their tracks. With high windows and soaring views of the mountains, this is an especially nice place to be if the weather isn't great.
Rent bikes - From Moose Landing, there's a spectacular paved bike trail that goes all the way to Jenny Lake. Rent bikes at Dornan's - they have kids' bikes, helmets and baby trailers. The trail goes have some uphill, but it's a sensational ride.
Menor's Cabin - For a taste of the rugged pioneer life in the Jackson Hole valley, check out the homestead of Bill Menor. The whitewashed cabin has a bedroom, kitchen, and store, where Menor originally sold supplies to settlers. You can buy old-fashioned candies and locally made sarsaparilla (big hit with our kids) in the store. The lady tending the shop had made fresh gingersnap cookies in the wood-burning stove in the kitchen - the cookies were delicious and we were very impressed with her cooking skills. And stop into the big old barn to see a covered wagon, stagecoach and other frontier transportation.
Kelly Warm Springs - If it's a hot day, and you want to cool off in a nice little natural spring, head out to the Kelly Warm Springs The water is about 70 degrees, with a squishy, sandy bottom, and a fun place for water play. The springs are on the Gros Vente Rd., just past the town of Kelly.
Wildlife spotting (Antelope Flats and Gros Ventre Rd.) – In evening, while it's still light, head out to Antelope Flats and Gros Ventre Rd. to look for bison and pronghorn herds in the open spaces, and moose along the river.

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