For centuries Granada was the capital of Islamic Andalusia, especially in Golden Age of the Nasrid sultans. Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand (who also financed Columbus) united Christian Spain, took over the city in 1492, and banished Boabdil, the last caliph of Granada into exile. Granada with kids is a "must see" on your travels through Spain.

The Alhambra
Albaicin & Sacromonte
Cathedral area
Granada day trips
Tip: Don't be surprised to see little kids and families out late at night, children playing while parents are socializing and eating. Businesses and restaurants close in the afternoon and everything gets going again in the evening. This is the perfect place for kids to stay up late. It was just magical at the Plaza Trinidad on a holiday weekend - kids rode round and round on a small wooden carousel, powered by a guy pedaling a bicycle.
Fun food
For dessert, try the piononos, a cake with cinnamon, or glorias, almond cakes. And fruits, sweet sun-ripened cherries and oranges, and almonds.

Stop into one of the Moroccan "teterias" (tea rooms) on Calle Caldereria Nueva for a taste of something different - mint or fruit teas and Moroccan cakes and pastries.

This is a good place to buy a true Spanish guitar and the craftsmanship that goes into guitars is found in a dozen other crafts. Also, look for boxes with inlaid woods, enameled pieces and embossed leather - the Moorish art of marquetry has been conserved in Granada for centuries.
Family Hotels

Here's our own Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels, all styles and price ranges, convenient to fun things to do with kids in Granada:

Granada family hotels

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