Cathedral Area
Plaza de las Pasieges - On the west side of the Cathedral is one of our favorite places in Granada, the Plaza de las Pasieges. It's like a North African souk, vendors selling traditional breads, pastries, nuts, and candies, food stalls redolent with the smells of barbeque, street musicians playing drums or flamenco guitar, a fortune teller who'll tell your fortune (but it will be in Spanish). This is also a fun place for kids to browse the colorful shops for a small souvenir.
Royal Chapel and Cathedral - King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel are buried in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral. (However, there are separate entrances and tickets for the Chapel and Cathedral.)
Royal Chapel (Capilla Real) - Inside the chapel, step through a gorgeous grillwork screen, decorated with the shield of Leon and Castille (lion and castle). There you'll see the marble mausoleum of Ferdinand and Isabel, both lying on their backs in restful repose. Ferdinand has a sword on his chest, Isabel's hands are neatly folded, both have double comfy-looking pillows under their heads, and two cute lions at their feet. Next to Isabel and Ferdinand is the mausoleum for their daughter, Juana and her husband Philip. Underneath, step down to see inside the crypt with the unadorned lead coffins for the monarchs (the coffins look pretty short).
In the chapel museum, look for the crown and scepter of Isabel (her head was small), Ferdinand's sword, and two realistic carved wooden figures of Isabel and Ferdinand in their courtly robes.
Cathedral - The Cathedral itself isn't on par with other great Spanish cathedrals such as Toledo, but there's several things of interest. Constructed during the Renaissance, the cathedral has massive white and gold columns, ornate silver lamps and gilded pipe organs. Check out the impressive altar with St. James on horseback, very much the knight in shining armor. In another chapel is a miniature wooden model of the cathedral. The small museum has golden chalices, silver crowns, and a scary head of John the Baptist on a platter.
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