Andalusia gets its name from "al-Andalus," the name of the Moorish kingdom that existed here from 711 until 1236. During these centuries, al-Andalus was a great center of learning and its cities the most cultured in Europe. Traveling through Andalusia, you'll see some of the most beautiful Islamic style fortresses, palaces and mosques. The Alhambra is the most famous, but the Alcazar in Seville is a family favorite.

Granada - The Alhambra
Costa del Sol
Horseback riding - There are a number of stables in this region, famous for its high-spirited, fairy-tale like horses. Both English and Western riding is popular, and you can ride on beaches, mountains, or meadows. Some stables even offer adventures that lead from town to town over several days. This is also a wonderful place to buy fancy tack.
Fun food
Try the Suspiros de Almanzor (Almanzor sighs), a sweet confection brought here by the Arabs 1,000 years ago and still a big hit!
Every where you go in Andalusia, look for brightly colored tiles, "azulejos" that decorate walls, fountains, ceilings, benches. Andalusia is a great place to tour factories where the azulejos are made, and bring back a souvenir. Also, who can resist snappy fans, castanets and a polka dot flamenco dress in rainbow colors with lots of ruffles? Or, have fun choosing an inlaid wooden box in a Moorish design.
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