South Africa

South Africa is teeming with so many creatures it would be hard for kids not to experience a close encounter - from a swim with penguins at the Cape of Good Hope to the town of St. Lucia with hippos roaming the streets.


Cape Town

Western Cape
Eastern Cape
Kruger National Park
Tip: You can rent a car and drive around South Africa, the highways are good. However, a South African parent writes that it's best to use designated rest stops and if you have to stop at a lonely spot at the side of the road for children to pee, don't dawdle. Another option to self-driving is to hire a tour guide who will take you all over the country in a van.
Fun food
Hand pies are typical South African fast food that can be picked up at most any fuel stop or farm stall. They are a variation of hot, British meat pies, with gravy or curry, and come in a variety of meat options including local wild game, in addition to beef and lamb. Or for a great snack, try biltong. Incredibly popular in South Africa, it's like beef jerky, only better, and comes in varieties such as ostrich and kudu.

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