prague powder tower stained glass =

Prague is a beautifully preserved city, rich in mystery, ghosts and legends, a center of science and alchemy in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Kids will be fascinated by legends of the golem, the giant brought to life by Rabbi Loew, or Duke Bruncvik's miraculous sword buried in the Charles Bridge.

Prague Castle
Little Town (Mala Strana)
Old Town (Stare Mesto)
Jewish Quarter (Josefov)
More museums
Go pedal boating - The Vltava River is the perfect place to spend an hour or two pedal boating with the family, if the weather is nice. We had a great time, pedaling under each bridge, and exploring the river. You can rent pedal boats at the Charles Bridge, Manesuv Bridge and Zoffin Island (on the Stare Mesto side).
Ride the trams - Riding the trams around Prague is a wonderful way to see the city, and it's easy and inexpensive. Many of the trams were built in the 19th century, and riding around through some neighborhoods, it feels like another century. You can pick up a one day, or 3 day pass for all the trams (plus the metro and buses) at the tourist office in Old Town Square.
On weekends, take Tram 91, a historic tram with wooden seats and the original cars. It goes from Prague Castle (near the Powder Bridge), through the Old Town, crossing the river twice.
Prague coat of arms – As kids are exploring the city, look for the Prague coat of arms – three towers on a red shield. We saw the coat of arms on sewer covers, the Astromonical Clock, on the side of Rathaus, in a stained glass window in the Powder Tower.
Go to a concert - In summer, the churches and concert halls are filled with classical music concerts. Hear glorious productions of Czech composers Dvorak and Smetana, plus Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart (Mozart lived in Prague for some time). Look for concerts in the beautiful Smetana Hall in The Municipal House, St. Martin in the Wall Church, St. Michael Church, and at Prague Castle.
Puppet shows - Prague has a whole tradition of puppet shows, but some shows aren't fantastic for kids (such as the plot of Don Giovanni). We saw a delightful puppet show outdoors (in summer), south of the Charles Bridge, at Na Kampa Plaza. The show was performed in Czech and English, with a cast of kings, dragons, devils and clowns.
Have an extra bag to bring back all your souvenirs from Prague. The shops are filled with fabulous marionettes, beautifully crafted with painted ceramic heads, hands and feet, colorful costumes, and a whole array of kinds, queens, scary witches, and the traditional Czech "joker." Also look for wooden toys and painted wooden eggs, wooden dolls in traditional Czech costumes, and fun jewelry, such as inexpensive crystal necklaces in rainbow colors.

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