More Museums
National Technical Museum - At the National Technical Museum. you'll find exhibits of 19th and 20th century, biplanes, cars, red fire engines, steam locomotives and luxury trains. Another exhibit is all about time, and devices for measuring time, over 400 different clocks. There are tons of model trains, locomotives and boats from 1800 – 1975, wooden barges, cargo ships and more. There is an audio tour and labels for the displays are in English.
For engineering-minded kids (and older kids), take the guided tour of a replica of a coal mine. On the tour (available in English), you'll walk through a full-size recreation of a coal mine, with real coal on the walls, steel and wooden supports, actual big coal mining machinery, mining lamps and lanterns, plus models of traditional copper, silver and gold mines in the Czech Republic.
The museum is closed on Monday.
City Museum of Prague (Muzeum Hlavniho Mesta Prahy) - The real reason to go to the City Museum is to see a huge paper model of Prague, as of 1836. You can see everything in the old part of Prague in incredible detail. There are also small historical exhibits of swords, chalices, and medieval clothing. This museum is fun to do on a rainy day, but isn't worth a special trip. Take the metro to Florenc, and the museum is right there.

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