Sequoia Nat'l Park

In Sequoia National Park, check out the General Sherman Tree, the largest living tree on earth, and whole groves of majestic giant sequoias. Sequoias are amazingly adapted to their habitat - look for hollowed out trunks burned by fire, but the trees survive and continue to grow.

Tip: In summer the parking lots get crowded (especially the Sherman Tree parking). Take the park shuttle buses that go between the Giant Forest Museum and Lodgepole Campground and Wuksachi Village. There's also a shuttle bus from Giant Forest Museum out to Crescent Meadow.

Giant Forest
Crystal Cave

Lost Grove - Driving along the Generals Highway, the Lost Grove is a lovely grove of giant sequoias, right by next to the road. Less crowded than the Giant Forest or Grant Grove, stop here so kids can run around and hug a sequoia tree.

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