Sequoia Nat'l Park
Lodgepole Visitor Center and Market - In the visitor center, check out the movie the theater, e.g. "Bears of Sequoia," and wall exhibit about animals of the Sierra and early people who lived in the area. Also, purchase your tickets for Crystal Cave at the visitor center.

After a hike to Tokopah Falls, stop into the Lodgepole Market for ice cream and cold drinks. If you're camping, there's also a grocery supplies and a laundry.

Just down the road from the visitor center is the large Lodgepole picnic area.
Hikes -
Tokopah Falls - Tokopah Valley was shaped by glaciers which left sheer cliffs, polished boulders and massive rocks strewn higglety-pigglety. The trail follows along the river, then climbs up at the end of the valley to an overlook for the falls.
Park in the Lodgepole Campground, and pick up the Tokopah Valley Trail on the other side of the river (Marble Fork of the Kaweah River). It's 3.6 miles round trip.
Tip: Late in summer, when the river is low, the shallow pools are a fun place for kids to play and splash in the water (just keep an eye on them). However, in spring or early summer, the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River runs very fast and high; when the river is up, this isn't a place for kids to play.
Wuksachi Trail to Silliman Creek - If you're staying at the Wuksachi Lodge, this is a fun hike for kids. From the lodge, walk over the two wooden bridges to the parking lot at the end of the road. The trail goes down the hill to Clover Creek, lined with ferns. Cross the bridge, then hike on through the pine forest to the next creek Silliman Creek (or just go as far as the kids feel like); return the way you came.
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