Athens is one of the oldest cities - people have been living here for over five millenia, and comes into many myths, like its patron goddess, Athena.

Acropolis - Agora
Plaka - Monastiraki
Syntagma Square
Archeological Museum
Lycavitos (Lycabettus)
Ride the Metro - The metro in Athens is a modern system, and absolutely your best way to get around Athens! At the stations, there are excavation exhibits (when they were digging the subway, they kept bumping into all sorts of ancient stuff) - an old aqueduct, potters kiln, Christian graves, ancient road, plus vases and statues. It's cheap and fast, get a day ticket and hop on and off.
Bring an extra tote bag to hold all your souvenirs from Athens - dolls in costume (some are museum reproductions), polished stone eggs, embroidered slippers and shirts, miniature Greek vases and statues, ceramic boxes, tiny bronze helmets, clay horses, painted wooden donkeys, onyx boxes, Athena's owl, Greek music.

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