Archeological Museum
National Archaeological Museum - The National Archeological Museum, a "must see" on your trip to Athens, is chock full of exquisite finds from all the archeological sites around Greece. Your best bets are the gold goodies from Mycenae - golden funerary masks, jewelry, belts and bracelets, diadems, rings, cups and goblets, plus bronze swords and daggers, the collection of bronze statues (Poseidon and " Jockey" of Artemision, horseman from Dodona), the incomparable red and black figure vases, and frescoes from Thera. Kids can look for their favorite characters from Greek myths throughout the artifacts in the museum.
Areos Park - Kids need to get out and stretch their legs after a visit to the museum. Walk three blocks north to Aeros Park - in southwest corner is a nice modern playground with climbing structures.

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