Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley, with its steep hillsides covered in grapevines, has endless castles, and charming villages. Kids will have fun exploring medieval fortresses, hiking on paths past stone watchtowers, and cruising on the Rhine River. In summer are fireworks displays over the river and castles.

St. Goar - Burg Rheinfels
Braubach - Marksburg Castle


Read our blog post "Day Trip on the Rhine" for details of a day trip from Frankfurt, visiting several towns, exploring Burg Rheinfels, and a boat cruise.
River cruises and scenic trains - A boat cruise is a fun way to see the Rhine Valley. Cruises can last hours or days - kids will have a great time on the river.
Tip: Get an all day KD Rhine Boat Pass or a German Eurail Pass also has discounts on KD cruises on the Rhine.
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