Koblenz was founded two thousand years ago as a Roman post. "Koblenz" derives from the Roman's name for the town, "Confluentes," referring to the spot where the Rhine and the Moselle flow together. Start your explorations of Koblenz in the Altstadt, the old city.

The German Corner (Deutsches Eck) - Start your visit at the German Corner, where a massive statue of Kaiser Wilhelm on horseback overlooks the Moselle and Rhine flowing together. Nearby are tons of river front cafes and biergartens, good place to start your explorations with a snack.
Ehrenbreitstein Fortress (Festung Ehrenbreitstein) -
Ehrenbreitstein's site is ancient, Romans built a fort here in the 3rd century, but the fortress you see today is 19th century. When French troops came to town in 1798, they took it over, but leaving in 1801, blew it up. In 1815 after the Rhineland became part of German-speaking Prussia, Ehrenbreitstein was rebuilt to protect against the French.
Near Deutsches Eck, take the cable car (Seilbahn) across the river to the fortress. A fun ride.
At the top, cross a moat and pass through a massive gate that leads to the parapets. Here's your goal, a spectacular view of Koblenz and the two rivers.
Take a walk through the Altstadt -
Start with the Basilica of St. Castor, the oldest church in Koblenz. Built in the 9th century, the church has been extensively restored, preserving the Romanesque style of architecture.
Walk down Kastor Strasse to Florinsmarkt Square, lined with brightly colored buildings.
Look for the red and white Altes Kaufhaus with a clock tower. The figure, Augenroller, rolls his eyes and sticks out his tongue, every half hour.
Kaisserin Augusta Park - Good spot for a picnic, kids can run around, you can sit on the grassy slopes under the statue of the Princess and watch the boats drifting by on the Rhine.
Outside Koblenz -
A little ways out of the city, Schloss Stolzenfels seems a typical 13th century castle - until you learn that it was built by the King of Prussia in the 1800s. He did a great job: this is everything you'd expect of a robber baron's castle - from drawbridge to keep.
Sayn Butterfly Garden (at Sayn Schloss) - On a bad weather day, go inside the butterfly garden (Garten der Schmetterlinge), nice and warm, butterflies flitting around. You may watch a butterfly break out of the leaf-like cocoon and try out its wings for the first time. In good weather, also follow the outdoor Nature Trail.
Fun food
From early spring to late fall, all along the river banks you'll find cafes and biergartens filled with both locals and tourists. Going to or from most of the sites in Koblenz you'll pass over one river or the other. These riverside spots offer lots of choices for meals and snacks.
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