helsinki harbor summer

Helsinki in summer is just magical, a small-scale city, spread out on islands in the Gulf of Finland. Traveling through Finland in summer, kids will enjoy long, long days that never end – the nights never really get dark.

Harbor area
Swimming - In summer, you can chose from big swimming pools or the long sand beaches on the islands.
Swimming Stadium (next to the Olympic Stadium) -The Swimming Stadium has pools for everyone, little wading pools for toddlers, big waterslides, a sauna for adults. Bring your suits, you can rent towels.
Or, do what local Helsinki families do, head for the beach at Uunisaari. Take the boat from Merisatamantori (close to the big Kaivopuisto Park). The beach has shallow water for little kids, swings and play structures. There's plenty of places to picnic, or grab a bite at one of the cafes.
Fun food
In summer, try fresh strawberries and cherries from the open air stalls, and delicious ice cream from kiosks and cafes (a local specialty is buckthorn berry ice cream).

You'll find delightful things to buy in Helsinki - carved wooden animals, (bear, moose and reindeer), little angels, dolls, fur hats and sweaters, and adorable moose (dressed in sweaters, socks and scarves). As we were buying our moose, the vendor asked where we were from. When we said that we're from California, she said, " A long trip for the moose!"
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