Seurasaari is only minutes from the center of Helskinki, but once you cross the bridge to the island, you'll find yourself in 18th and 19th century rural Finland.

Step into an elegant manor house, a tenant farm, a wooden church, a grain store, a stable. In the farmsteads, you'll see looms for spinning, wood stoves to keep warm through the long winter, long wooden tables and benches where the family gathered for meals.
Wander on paths through the green leafy woods, past ponds with ducks, and swans, or shallow beaches where you can dabble your toes. Look for wild strawberries tucked away in the grasses (you might even disturb a wild hare napping in the grass…)
Bring a picnic or splurge on a traditional Finnish lunch in the restaurant (there are picnic tables and swings near the restaurant). Seurasaari is not to be missed.
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