Southern Alberta

Southern Alberta stretches from Calgary down to the border with Montana to the south, the great plains to the east, and the Rockies to the west. This is the heart of Canada's "old west" experience, spotted with only a few towns. Kids can camp in tipis, ride in horse carriages, stay at a working ranch and try buffalo burgers.

Dinosaur Valley
Fort Macleod
Pincher Creek
Underground ghost towns
Waterton Lakes
Writing on Stone Provincial Park - One of the most sacred spots to the Plains Indians, the park has the largest known collection of pictographs in North America. Stretching along the Milk River, the carvings can be found in soft sandstone walls. From May to September, join a park guide-led tour into "protected" areas with truly amazing art.
Fun food
This is cattleman country so beef and BBQ are big. For a little variety, try buffalo and other "game" meats such as elk.
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