Canadian Rockies

The Rocky Mountain area of Canada stretches from Jasper in Alberta into BC and down across the U.S. border. The Rockies offer spectacular scenery and adventures of every kind for kids – canoeing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, river rafting, camping, swimming, fishing, dog sledding and skiing.

Banff National Park
Jasper National Park
Canmore – Canmore is the gateway to travels along the Rockies going north from Calgary, it's worth a stop if only for the Grotto Mountain cave tour. You may not want to see your kids rappelling or doing the more thrilling caver experiences, but a half-hour hike through water etched passages into caverns filled with mineral formations is possible for even smaller kids. Make sure you wear warm casual clothes and good shoes, you'll be outfitted with helmets and lamps.
The road from Canmore to Banff is quite beautiful so give yourself enough time to really enjoy the drive: both the scenery and for "spot the wildlife" games. Although there are bridges built just for wild life to get from one side of the highway to the other, you're likely to see lots of elk and possibly a few bear along the side or even on the road. Pulling over to take pictures is fine but keep in mind that even a smallish bear is stronger than a very big man: keep a respectful distance and use a zoom lens for close-up shots.

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