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See the World is in-depth posts about fun places to go with kids worldwide, travel tips, children's books, where to stay, fun food, travel for kids videos, seasonal events.

Read our blog post San Francisco: 30 Fun things to do with kids in summer

Best parks, museums, fun food, hikes, free music and kid’s shows, tips, insider secrets and more.

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travel for kids where to stay

On Travel for Kids, find family accommodations, hotels and vacation rentals, all styles and price ranges, near to fun things to do with kids.

Accommodations are selected for their location and amenities for families – swimming pool and jacuzzi, vacation apartment rentals convenient to markets and bakeries, washer and dryer available, proximity to playgrounds, where to stay at the airport, and more.

How do we develop our lists? We start by visiting a city, town, national park, etc. Then we research and check the amenities for each accommodation, and write our descriptions, highlighting best features.

Here's just a sample of our over 100 lists of hotels and vacation rentals.

Looking for a place to stay in Paris? Instead of a overall list with over 1000 hotels, save yourself time by using our compact list, city is divided into eleven neighborhoods.

San Diego is a year round destination. Find best family hotels, with amenities such as swimming pools, proximity to beach or bay, near to fun things to do with kids.

Yosemite National Park is magical in winter snows, but valley covers a large area, where to rent a house?

London is a transit hub for European flights. For an early morning flight, or after a long international flight, plan to stay in a hotel at London Heathrow Airport.

fun videos

Travel for Kids video - At the San Diego Safari Park, Sumatran tiger plays with a big green ball. More fun things to do with kids in San Diego.


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