North Klondike Highway
Braeburn Lodge - Stop into the lodge to pick up their giant fresh-baked cinnamon buns. (Kids will want to share, they're so big.)
Five Finger Rapids - At the rapids, huge hunks of rock stick up in the middle of the Yukon River, making it almost impassable. Sternwheeler boats traveling from Whitehorse to Dawson could barely scrape by, and it was a dangerous passing. Take the 2km trail down to the river, where there's a viewing deck overlooking the treacherous rapids.
Moose Creek Lodge - Near the lodge is a trapper's cabin, adorned with moose antlers over the door. Look inside the log cabin for a glimpse of the typical one room lifestyle and tools of a trapper 80 years ago. The rustic lodge also has a restaurant and giant mosquito sculpture out front.
Bonanza Creek Rd. - As you approach Dawson City, take a detour off the highway, and go down this dirt road to see where the Klondike gold rush began.
Tip: Parts of the North Klondike Highway are gravel, not paved.
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