La Côte

The northwest side of Lake Geneva between Geneva and Lausanne is called La Cote. If you're on a drive trip, stop off to enjoy the local sights, and views of the Alps to the south.

Nyon - A nice town for a stop when driving between Geneva and Lausanne, Nyon has Roman ruins and a few museums which are likely of minimal interest to children, but just to the east of the Museum of Lac Leman is a great playground featuring lots of sand and a play-on pirate ship. It's a nice spot for a picnic.
In the center of Nyon next to the lake, there's another small playground with slides, swings and picnic tables. Nearby is a place to rent pedal boats, kayaks and motorboats.
Signal de Bougy -
Parc Pré Vert - Locals from around the Swiss Riviera come to this oasis to let their kids run off some steam, and the park has a whole day's worth of activities. There's a playground with slides, swings and climbing structures, a miniature golf, badminton and volleyball courts, picnic tables, ponds. Kids will love the tiny electric motor boats they can pilot around a shallow pool or the electric mini-cars. The restaurant on site has an indoor play area and panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. The park is open late February through early November, and there are free children's shows on weekends in summer.
Parc Aventur - Here, kids can make their way into the forest canopy by climbing ladders attached to the trees. From there, the challenge is to cross all kinds of tricky moving footbridges or ride zip lines from one platform to the next. There are instructors on hand to teach kids the ropes before they climb and everyone wears safety harnesses. Closed in winter and on rainy days.
Aquasplash (Renens) - The Olympic-size swimming pool offers a nice place to cool down on a warm summer day. It attracts thrill-seeking older kids with its six giant water slides with names like Kamikaze and Cyclone. But there's also a children's pool, a diving pool, trampolines, badminton, ping pong and beach volleyball.
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