More Museums
National Archaeology Museum (Museo Arqueologico Nacional) - The Museum of Archaeology's most famous exhibit is the Dama de Elche, a beautiful sculpture thousands of years old, plus Roman mosaics, Visigoth crowns, Moorish chests, and a room from a Mudejar palace. Check out the full-size recreation of the Altamira Cave (the cave is outside the museum, southwest of the entrance to the museum). The museum is free.
Wax Museum (Museo de Cera) - Near to the Archeology Museum, stop by the Wax Museum in the Plaza Colon to get up close and personal with Carlo I and other famous Spanish personages. A great way into Spanish history.
City Museum (Museo de la Ciudad) - Get an overview of Madrid from prehistoric times to the 20th century - models of prehistoric huts, Roman, medieval, Moorish, and 16th century houses, famous landmarks such as the Plaza de Toros (complete with a bullfight in progress), the Crystal Palace in the Retiro Park, fountain of Neptune, and more. Kids will enjoy exhibits of costumes (19th dresses, shawls and fans), toreador outfits, police uniforms, and old Spanish money. The museum is free, located at Calle Principe de Vergara 140. A hidden gem!
Reina Sofia Art Museum (Centro de Arte Reina Sofia) - This modern art museum is where you'll find Picasso's famous anti-war painting Guernica. Also, kids will enjoy the paintings and sculpture by Juan Miro. Get audio tours in English, kids like the independence of blocking out the world with headphones.
Museo de Ciencias Naturales - For the nature minded, there's the Natural Science Museum where you'll see lovely dioramas of animals, insects, birds and sea creatures native to the Iberian peninsula.

Museo de America -The Museo de America houses a lumped- together collection of artifacts from the conquered peoples of Latin America - Quimbaya gold, shrunken heads from Peru, Amazon feathered hats and capes, Maya ceramics and one complete codex, a mummy from Paracas. All the labels in the museum are in Spanish.
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