City Center
Paseo del Parque - The avenue that runs from the port to the splashy fountain (Fuente Genovesa) is a great place to take a stroll. The Paseo del Parque is planted with palm and green shade trees, dotted with fountains. In the center of the Paseo is a large playground with climbing structures, swings and slides, cute bronze donkey, plus a snack bar.
Walk around the old harbor - Start at the Plaza de la Marina (at the tourist information kiosk) and walk east. Most impressive is a replica of an 18th century sailing ship, the Santisima Trinidad. A variety of other boats are docked along the walkway. Keep walking all the way around to the old lighthouse. Continue on a little further, you'll end up at Malagueta Beach.
Museo Picasso Malaga (Picasso Museum) - Picasso was born in Malaga, and this museum is a collection of works donated by his family (don't expect to see the Picasso blockbuster paintings, which are elsewhere in other museums). Check out Portrait of Paulo with a White Cap, a vivid portrait of Picasso's two year old son Paul, and captivating paintings of his other children - Claude in Brown and White and Little Girl with Doll (Paloma).
Museo de Artes Populares - The museum, situated in a lovely old whitewashed house with tiled floors and planted courtyards, is devoted to traditional life in Malaga. There are horse carriages used to transport people and goods, oil and wine presses, a fishing boat, blacksmith's forge, bakery and flour mill, typical dining room and kitchen. Upstairs are dolls, a miniature furnished doll house and colorful clay figurines of musicians, dancers, smugglers, laborers and fish sellers.
Mercado de Atarazanas (Mercado Central) - Right next door to the Museo de Artes Populares, stop into this covered market, where kids can see local produce and products, like a farmers' market. Stalls display fruits and vegetables, chorizo sausages and hams, cheeses, nuts, many kids of olives, breads, and the amazing bounty of fish and seafood from the Mediterranean. You can find picnic supplies here, and it's the perfect place to shop for food if you're staying in a holiday apartment with a kitchen.
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