Wild Coast

The aptly named Wild Coast, a rugged and scenic shoreline, this is where animal watching hits a pinnacle. For several weeks, usually in June or July, kids can view tens of thousands of dolphins, sharks, whales, seals and birds diving and feasting on masses of sardines trekking northward to Mozambique. Port St Johns is a good spot to book a boat for an up-close view of this natural phenomenon.

The countryside is dotted with traditional Xhosa rondavel huts on farmland and is also a good place for a family to get a sense of traditional Xhosa rural life through a private guide.
Since the Wild Coast lacks a highway system, access to many of the beaches and resorts is via small gravel roads winding to the Indian Ocean. Quaint, but full-service guest lodges, most of which are colonial in spirit (complete with experienced Xhosa nannies), are located on fantastic remote beaches.
While the swimming is at your own risk (but available in some netted areas and lagoons), the scenery for hiking and horseback riding is superb on the Wild Coast.
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