Jurong Bird Park – This excellent bird park is a "must see," for kids, with hundreds of different species of birds from Southeast Asia, and birds from all over the world. You can see the birds up close in different walk through aviaries, and ride through the park on a tram, plus water play areas, and toddler playground.
Jurong Reptile Park - This is the place to see different kinds of crocodiles, as well as anacondas, pythons, king cobras and 50 other species of reptiles. There are crocodile feeding sessions and reptile shows.
Jurong Hill Park - After you've been to the Bird Park, if you still need to run around, there's a lookout tower and gardens at Jurong Hill Park.
Chinese Garden - Feel like a stroll around beautifully landscaped gardens? Visit the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. The Chinese garden has lavish pagodas and ponds. Take a boat out on the water. Cross over the bridge to the tranquil Japanese garden, with raked rocks, a pint sized waterfall, rustic stone lanterns.
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