Galloway and Dumfries
Galloway Forest Park - Galloway Forest Park is 250 miles of beautiful wooded landscape. This area is ideal for hiking, pony trekking or mountain biking. Near Clatteringshaws, there are picnic spots at Stroan Loch and the Otter Pool. Kids can see red deer up close in the Galloway Red Deer Range. Don't get too close to the goats in the Wild Goat Park - they like to nibble clothes and toes. Take a boat out for a spin on Loch Ken, or wander through the Loch Ken and Dee Marshes RSPB Reserve to look for water birds.
Torhouse Stone Circle (near Wigtown) - A small Bronze Age circle of standing stones, with that same mysterious charm as Stonehenge.
Sweetheart Abbey (New Abbey, near Dumfries) - This is one of the most romantic ruined abbeys. Lady Devorguilla of Galloway, the wife of John Balliol, founded the Abbey in his memory, and she is buried there, next to the casket with her husband's heart.
Museum of Costume (New Abbey) - It's always fun to see what children and adults wore in previous centuries. Situated in a manor house, each room in the Museum of Costume has period furnishings, and clothing from the 1850's to 1950's. For example, the children's playroom is stocked with toys, clothing and a beautiful rocking horse, in the bedroom, a grandmother and granddaughter are dressed for a ball. Bring a picnic to have on the lawn, or stop into the tearoom (children's menu and high chairs).
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