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From Edinburgh Castle, down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh spans centuries of Scottish history, and continues to this day, as the capital of Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle
Royal Mile
Old Town
New Town
Palace of Holyroodhouse
Arthur's Seat
Edinburgh day trips

Fun food
Kids will have fun with sweets in Edinburgh. In shops look for old fashioned sweets (also the gift shop at the National Museum of Scotland) - sour plooms, black and white humbugs, iron brew creams, fried eggs, saltire (blue and white like flag of Scotland), butterscotch, pan drops, Edinburgh rock. There's also Haggis Poo - chocolate covered raisins, and Nessie Poo - toffee on the outside, a raisin inside.
Stop into Clarinda's Tea Room for delicious scones, and other classic pastries such as fairy cakes, rockbuns, shortbread, toffee crisp and lemon crunch.
Shopping -
There's no end of shops where kids can pick up a kilt, including boys (the local guys wear them all the time), tartan purses, shoes, scarves and tams. There's also adorable teddy bears in kilts and handmade sweaters. If your family is of Scottish ancestry, pick up clan coats of arms.
Family Hotels

Here's our own Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels, all styles and price ranges, convenient to fun things to do with kids in Edinburgh :

Edinburgh family hotels
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