St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great in 1703, was the capital of Russia and home of the Romanovs, the imperial family. Over a 200 year period, the Romanovs built the Winter Palace and added the Hermitage to hold their vast art collections. Outside the city, each tsar or tsarina constructed new palaces, surrounded by landscaped parks.

Hermitage Museum
Neva River
Peter and Paul Fortress
Nevsky Prospect
Greater St. Petersburg

Yelagin Island
Imperial Palaces

Peterhof (Petrodvorets, Petergof)
Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo)
Go to the Ballet - St. Petersburg is home to the Kirov Ballet and the Mariinsky Theatre. The theater itself is an experience, with a dazzling interior. Even if the Kirov Ballet isn't performing, a ballet performance in St. Petersburg will not be forgotten. Click here for the schedule at the Mariinsky Theatre.
Go to the Philharmonic - The St. Petersburg Philharmonic performs in a lovely concert hall (Great Hall of the Philharmonia) and the program is sure to be memorable. You might hear a young violin virtuoso play Prokofiev, or a professional soloist tackle a Rachmaninoff piano concerto. The Children's Philharmonia has kid's concerts also. Ask at your hotel for the schedule of performances.
On our blog, read "Music in St. Petersburg."
Fun food
Blinis, similar to crepes, slathered with butter or different kinds of jam, are delicious any time. Look for kiosks around town, and get in line for a savory, warm blini.
You'll have fun trying on fur hats or picking out chess sets, wooden toys, painted boxes and decorated eggs. There are tons of matroyshka dolls, some nest as many as ten little dolls, down to the last tiny little one, no bigger than a bead, with a painted face!
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