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Quebec was founded as a French colony in 1608, but the name comes from the Algonquin word Kebec, which means " where the river narrows." The province is the largest in Canada, extending all along the St. Lawrence River and up into the far north and Hudson Bay.


Quebec City
Fun food
Maple trees grow in abundance in Quebec - the Algonquins tapped the trees to make maple syrup and sugar. Quebec is the largest producer of maple syrup, and throughout the province, you'll find delicious maple treats and snacks. Our favorites were maple "cornets," little cones filled with thick syrup, also called taffy (tire) or maple butter (sucre), but kids will also want to sample maple sugar pie, candies, cookies, fudge and ice cream.

Tip: The winters are quite long here, and it's easy to imagine the hardships the first settlers endured with months of snow and cold. We visited Quebec on spring break in early April, and there were piles of snow drifts for kids to play in. Summers are nice and warm, but at other seasons, dress warmly.
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