Towering over Arequipa is a dramatic snow-topped volcano, El Misti. Arequipa was a jewel in the Spanish crown, and retains 450 years of colonial architecture.

Frozen Inca Mummy - Visit the Museo Santuarios Andinos Universidad Catolica Santa Maria-Cervesur to see "Juanita," the frozen mummy of a young Inca girl, discovered in 1995 on Mt. Ampato. Juanita died more than 500 years ago, a sacrificial offering to the Inca gods. Her body was preserved by the freezing temperatures on the mountain, and is kept in a refrigerated case in the museum. Don't miss the video that documents this unique discovery.
Santa Catalina Monastery (Monsterio de Santa Catalina) - After you've seen "Juanita," stop into the Santa Catalina Monastery, home to young women from wealthy families. Inside the monastery, it is a little city, with individual houses and narrow lanes. Kids can catch a glimpse of life 400 years ago, in the kitchen, laundry, slave quarters and living accommodations.
Molina de Sabandia (Flour Mill, Sabandia) - Out in the countryside south of town, visit a charming 17th century flour mill (it still works, turned by the water). On the way, you'll see ancient stone terraces and El Misti in the distance.
Hot springs - The area around Arequipa is full of hot springs. Kick back and relax in the warm water pools at Tingo or Yura.
Colca Canyon - Colca Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world, much deeper than the Grand Canyon. Take a day trip up into the mountains to see this natural wonder (as well as the man-made wonder of terraced fields in the steep valleys). Best of all, stop at Cruz del Condo to see huge condors gliding on the wind currents.
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