Lakeshore Drive

Lake Mead Cruises (Hemenway Harbor) - Take a 1 1/2 hour cruise on a paddlewheeler, Desert Princess. Lots of lore about building the dam and the Colorado River, and a spectacular view of Hoover Dam from the water.

Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail - During construction of Hoover Dam, three different railroads were built to haul tons of supplies needed to manufacture concrete for the dam. When the dam was completed, the tracks were torn up. This trail, wide and largely level, follows the old train route above the lake, and goes through three railroad tunnels, each about 300 ft. long. The first tunnel is about 1 mile down the trail. Parking and the trailhead are just beyond the visitor center.
Lakeshore Drive - Lakeshore Drive has a number scenic overlooks and several covered picnic areas; the largest picnic area is at Boulder Beach. Bring your picnic lunch, and plenty of cold drinks.
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