Glacier National Park
Lake Mcdonald
Scenic boat ride - Go for one hour scenic boat ride on Lake McDonald; we took the cruise late in the day, a magical time of day. Along with spectacular mountain scenery, a national park ranger is on board (very kid-friendly). Find out how the lake was formed (dammed up by glaciers), what lives in the lake (trout) and animals that live in the woods around the lake (deer, elk, bears). Cruises are May to Labor Day
Snyder Creek - Snyder Creek is a wonderful little creek that flows into Lake McDonald, close to the Lake McDonald Lodge and the scenic cruise boat landing. Kids can wade and play in the shallow creek, skip stones on the lake while waiting for the boat. Picnic tables.
Hiking -
Trail of the Cedars, a loop trail that crosses Avalanche Creek, with gorgeous views of the narrow gorge and moss covered rocks. This is a great walk for toddlers, a boardwalk and paved path, okay for strollers.
Avalanche Lake - Hike to Avalanche Lake, 4.5 miles round trip. The trail is a wide path that runs along gushing Avalanche Creek and ends at Avalanche Lake, a high mountain aquamarine lake in a glacial bowl. Tip: Start early in the day, this is a very popular trail.
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