Parque Aventura - Kids love to ride the zip lines in the forest, it feels like you're flying. Put on a hard hat and gloves, strap on a harness, the harness is clipped to a pulley, step off the platform and there you are, zipping along on a cable. Kids love the sensation of zooming through the trees, and even little kids can do it (ages four and up).
Swim with dolphins - With dolphin encounters, not only swim with dolphins, but kids get to rub, hug and kiss a dolphin, or shake hands with a dolphin's fin. There are also photos to capture this memorable experience (no need to lug along a waterproof camera). These are small group activities, with programs for babies, younger kids 3 -7, and kids 8 and up.
Isla Ixtapa - It's always fun to explore an island. Isla Ixtapa has beaches and snorkeling (Playa Coral), lots of colorful fish, and if you're lucky, you might see dolphins too. To get to Isla Ixtapa, pick up the water taxis at Playa Linda, the pier at Zihuatenejo or arrange for a day trip at your hotel.
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