lion cub

Just imagine kids at eye level with a hippo, feeding a giraffe, or coming upon a lion paw print in the dirt. Kenya is a fabulous landscape where you'll see animals in their natural habitat.



Rift Valley
Tip: Don't swim in the lakes or rivers. Bilharzia is present, and lakes and rivers are also home to crocodiles. Be sure to bring along binoculars for wildlife viewing.
Fun food
In Kenya it's traditional to eat with your hands, so kids will enjoy eating without utensils in restaurants (wash your hands first). Try ugali (similar to polenta) - use ugali to scoop up other dishes. Mandazi is a fried sweet, like a doughnut. Restaurants and hotels often have buffet meals, so kids can pick what they like.
Shop for carved wooden animals (pick your favorite animal), knives and spears (select ones that come apart so they can fit in your luggage), jewelry and beaded necklaces.

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