Day Trips
Kasai Seaside Park - Kasai Seaside Park (Kasai Rinkai Koen) has long stretches of beach where you can walk, and a bird sanctuary. Within the park is the Tokyo Sea Life Park, a unique domed aquarium. The aquarium has schools of tuna and number of varieties of penguins, including the "fairy" penguin.
Yokohama - Zip down to Yokohama on the train for a day of fun with the kids at this great seaport.
The Yokohama Maritime Museum has exhibits about sailing and the history of the port. On the waterfront at Yamashita Park, take a tour of the Hikawa Maru, a Japanese transpacific ocean liner from grand era of ocean liners.
Go up the Yokohama Marine Tower for a panoramic view of the city. There are also ferries and excursion boats around the harbor.
For amusement, visit Cosmo World, which has roller coaster rides and the largest ferris wheel in the world, or Wild Blue, a popular waterslide park.
Mt. Takao - To get out of the city for a breath fresh air, go to Mt. Takao, near Hachioji. Mt. Takao has hiking trails that wind through the woods, along streams, past Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. It takes a couple of hours to hike to the top (depending how often you stop on way) or you can take cable cars up the mountain, if you don't feel like hiking. At top of the mountain is a visitor's center.
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