israel south
Eliat - Israel's most southern city, and a world away from the rest of the country. Eilat is often described as more laid-back and tourist oriented. This city comes to life in the summer, and offers great hotels and beaches, scuba diving and snorkeling.
Coral Nature Reserve - At the northern tip of the Red Sea's 2,800-mile coral reef, you only need a scuba mask to see exotic fish swimming through coral of every color and shape. The Moses Rock is a large coral formation that especially attracts fish.
Coral World - With an Underwater Observatory built 18 feet beneath the sea in the middle of the reef, you can see the fish and coral without getting wet. There's also shark and turtle pools and a snack bar. Best way to get there? From the Eilat Marina in a glass-bottomed boat.
Dolphin Reef - Home to pods of bottlenose dolphins, who seem to enjoy exploring humans as much as we like them. Click here for more details.
Literally drop into the dive center - Snorkeling in guided groups of four people, minimum age for kids is 10. Masks, snorkels, fins and wetsuits are provided to snorkel in the sea (up to 45 feet deep) for about half an hour. You may meet nose-to-nose with a bottlenose.
Special Programs - The center offers programs for children over 7 who have Down syndrome, autism, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, deafness, blindness, etc.

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