north coast
Rosh Hanikra

Today this is a lovely tourism area, but it's been a stop-off since pre-history. The spot was a border town for the Israelite tribes of the Bible and the town's cliffs appear in the Bible as "The Ladder of Tyre." Alexander of Macedonia hewed a tunnel here for his army after the siege of Tyre and the British thought that was such a good idea - they dug their own tunnel during World War II for a railroad between Haifa and Beirut. The main attraction here for kids is the spectacular ocean grottoes.

Cable cars - Take the cable car to reach the grottoes. Kids love the ride and there's a great bonus: spectacular views of the cliffs and ocean.
The Grottoes - 200 meters of caves formed by the sea in the chalk rock cliffs. Its a short, but beautiful hike that looks completely different depending on when you go: sunrise or sunset, winter or summer, the rocks reflect back light and color.
Beaches - The seashore supports many unusual animals and plants. Bats and pigeons nest in the grottoes, and flocks of local and European sea birds pass through in winter. If you're here in early summer, you'll see female loggerhead turtles dig pits on the shore for their eggs. Later in the summer, come out in the moonlight to see the baby turtles dig out of those pits and run for the sea.

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