Step into ancient Rome in Caesarea, half hour drive south of Haifa. Caesarea Maritima is the city built by King Herod to honor Caesar Augustus in 22 BC, and was a great seaport in the first century AD. The ruins of Caesarea Maritima (now a national park), including a Roman aqueduct, theater, stadium, temple are impressive, and a fun place for kids to explore.

Roman theater - Kids like to run up and down the steps of the theater, where they can talk to each other from the far corners of the structure: the Romans worked out the acoustics so well that talking at a normal pitch, your voice easily carries. The theater is still in use for modern-day shows, often scheduled at sunset.
Run around the ruins -The ruins cover a large area, and there are lots of places for kids to explore and barrel vaults to hide. Check out the rectangular pool in Herod's palace and kids can really get some exercise running around the horseshoe shaped stadium, once used for horse races and sporting events.
Aqueduct - Check out the two level aqueduct that brought water from Mt. Carmel to the city. The aqueduct is located right at the beach, so kids can run around in the sand.
Bird Mosaic - Not part of the Roman ruins, don't miss the fabulous Byzantine floor mosaic with 120 different birds (such as the pelican above), surrounded by animals - elephant, tiger, bear, dog, boar, etc.
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