Dead Sea - South
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve - This is the kind of place that gives "oasis" a good name. There are cliffs with waterfalls cascading into lovely pools where animals and birds come to drink. Ein Gedi has a kibbutz, a youth hostel, a campsite and a hotel, an auditorium, cafeterias, and restaurants.
Treat yourself to a picnic by a waterfall. Pack dates, goat cheese, pita bread, and read from the Song of Songs - the kids may giggle but this is a day that they'll never forget.
Camping - If camping with your kids under Middle Eastern stars is irresistible to you, why not do it at the spot that King David memorialized in a song (1:14)?
Botanical Gardens - Whether or not you stay at the Ein Gedi Kibbutz, take time to visit the lush and beautiful Botanical Gardens famous for its range, which features both local plants and plants from all over the world. Closed at 2pm on Fri. and Saturday all day.
Health spa - You're at the Dead Sea, of course there's a health spa. This one is special: tennis courts, gym, jogging track, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, thermo-mineral baths fed by the natural hot springs (38 degrees C), and free mud-packs. While your 10-year-old may not think he needs a skin treatment, he'll be boggled when mom insists that he cover himself in mud.
Ein Bokek - Ein Bokek, a small city on the shores of the Dead Sea, claims to be built near the spot where Sodom and Gomorrah once stood - so tell the kids to watch their manners. Besides all the usual amenities you'd expect in a tourist town, don't miss the Sulfur Springs which have been famous forever - both Cleopatra and Aristotle made the trek to soak in these hot springs.
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