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Ireland lives up to its nickname, the "Emerald Isle" - it's unbelievably green, and with a touch of rain, no wonder there's so many Irish legends with rainbows and sparkling leprechauns.



County Kerry
Tip: Irish weather is very changeable, even in summer. If going you're out for a walk, even it's sunny, bring a water-proof windbreaker. In just a short time, the weather can change, the clouds blow in and you'll find yourself in the midst of a rain shower.
Fun food
The potatoes in Ireland are fresh and fabulous - try delicious "chips" (they're nothing like pale limp French fries made from frozen potatoes). In the afternoon, take a break for tea. You'll find delicious apple pie with thick cream, cakes, and fruit desserts in tea shops all over Ireland.

Ireland has lots of fun souvenirs to bring back home - kid-size drums (bodhrans), tin whistles, singing leprechauns, wooly sheep plush animals, lovely silver jewelry with Celtic motifs, claddagh rings, woolen hats and scarves, and tweed caps.
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