Kochi (Cochin)

Old city - The old district of Cochin is located on a peninsula, accessible by road and ferry (taking the ferry is fun). Founded in 1341, Cochin was famous for its spice trade and culturally diverse Chinese, Arab, Jewish, Portuguese, Dutch, British, and Indian population. Wander through the old streets, starting with Mattancherry Palace near the ferry jetty, then walk through the spice markets to Fort Cochin (streets with European style houses), and on to the waterfront.
Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace) - The palace looks pretty ordinary from the outside, but the reason to visit are the extraordinary 16th - 18th century murals inside. Painted in vivid red, green, yellow and white colors, the murals depict scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Hindu gods Vishnu, Shiva, Parvati, and more. Mattancherry Palace is open daily, closed on Friday.
Waterfront - Go for a walk along the waterfront, where kids can see the colorful boats and distinctive Chinese fishing nets.
Tip: If you have little kids, three wheeler auto-rickshaws or taxis are a good way to get around town, so they don't have to walk too much.
Kathakali - Take in a one hour performance of Kathakali, the classical dance drama of Kerala. Actors dressed in amazing costumes and boggling headdresses, accompanied by musicians, enact stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, heroes battling the evil forces of evil. Performances daily, commentary in English. Come early to see a makeup demonstration (how do they create those red and green faces).
Click here for the Kerala Kathakali Centre (theater is near the Santa Cruz Cathedral).
Veega Land - Need a relaxing afternoon at a water park? Everyone in the family will enjoy Veega Land - wave pool, water coasters, water slides, kids' pool and play area, amusement park rides. Changing rooms, lockers, restaurants and snack bars.
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