Artisans Towns

Market days are a splash of color, as people come to town to sell their textiles and handicrafts in the highlands. In family workshops and market stalls, you'll see artisans weaving on their backstrap looms.

Solola - Come to Solola on market day to see people in traditional costumes. Each town has its own specific pattern of weaving; when people congregate at the market, it's a sea of color.
San Antonio Aguas Calientes - This village is noted for it's high quality huipils, blouses woven on a loom, then embroidered in bright designs of birds and flowers. The workmanship is so fine, the embroidery is the same on both sides!
Chichicastenango - Go to the market in Chichicastenango to shop for embroidered blouses and wooden masks. Kids can look for masks of their favorite animals.
Totonicapan - This village is famous for its wooden boxes and toys, masks, painted and glazed ceramics.
Momostenango - The specialty of this village is blankets and ponchos. Blankets are made with traditional techniques of hand combing, spinning and weaving the wool. The blankets are washed in the natural hot springs, and hand combed to finish each blanket.
Fuentes Georginas (Zunil) - Relax in three natural hot springs in a tranquil setting surrounded by lush forest. Each pool is a different temperature, so find one you like, soak until your fingers are wrinkled like prunes.
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