Luneburger Heath
Luneburger Heath - Sitting between the Elbe and Aller rivers, the Wilseder Berg Nature Park is the oldest nature reserve in Germany; protected wetlands. You'll find purple heather and juniper bushes along the way if you take a ride in a horse drawn carriage.
Vogelpark Walsrode (Walsrode) - Calling itself the largest bird zoo in the world, you'll find birds and plants from every continent here: storks, penguins, owls, flamingoes, cranes, parrots... With lots of walk-through aviaries, open air exhibits, and a bird cage museum you'd think that would be enough (after all, they suggest scheduling 4 hours to take it in) - but there's also an "Adventure Playground" with separate sections for over and under 10 year olds, including sailing in wooden boats in Congo Land, inflatable trampolines, a ball pool...whew!
Wildpark Luneburger Heide (Nindorf-Hanstedt) - This reserve concentrates on the wild animals of northern Europe, with over 100 species including fox, deer, bear,and birds of prey.
Otterzentrum Hankensbuttel (Hankensbuttel) - 80,000 square meters of streams, ponds, fields and meadows which serves as a wild animal refuge for otters, badgers and martens. A nice place for a picnic.
HeidePark (Soltau) - With over 40 attractions open from April 1 - November 1, this theme park makes a nice break in all the "high culture" the kids may be overloading on.... Everybody from little ones to adults will love the variety, from the "white water" ride, miniature village, puppet show, trained seals, to The Big Loop roller coaster - you get the idea: something for everybody, including special concerts.
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