Gardens and Parks
The Herrenhausen Gardens - Walk from the Georgengarten through a 1.5 mile alley of trees or take the tram to this wonderful baroque garden devoted to the art of landscape gardening founded by Duke Johann Friedrich (the same one who founded the Tiergarten). The park really bloomed under the patronage of Princess Sophie, mother of the first Hannoverian English king. Fountains, model gardens, sculpture, hedges all make this a wonderful place to wander. But don't miss the maze, orangerie, and rock garden (with its greenhouses of exotic plants like orchids and cacti).
Hannover Zoo - Attractions here are enclosures (not cages) where animals are in a recreation of natural habitats, such as: Gorilla Mountain (take a path on an expedition into Central Africa, with footprints hint at the inhabitants to a jungle meadow) Jungle Palace (enter the "ruins" of a maharaja's palace with waterworks and gargoyles, "crumbling" walls covered in vines reveal elephants, tigers, and leopards); Jambesi (visit the African steppes filled with zebras, antelope, ostriches and walk across the suspension bridge); end up at Meyer's Farm (recreation of a Saxony farm with bakery, storehouse, sheep, pigs, and cows) where you'll find a great restaurant filled with typical country dishes.
Eilenriede forest - Called Hannover's "lungs," the park was established by the Dukes of Wenzeslaus and Albrecht of Sachsen in 1371. This immense city park covers 650 hectares, filled with beech, oak, pine, birth trees right to the city center; much larger than Hyde park or the "Bois de Boulogne." There are playgrounds, and an inexpensive cafeteria (as well as more pricey restaurants) on the grounds, or bring a picnic.
Go for a walk - the park offers forest educational trails and fitness trails.
Rent a bike and really get to see everything.
Horseback riding is also available for good riders.
Play some miniature golf.
Check out thebird sanctuary.
Tiergarten - A large recreational forest home to wild animals, this is one of Hannover's most popular attractions. Duke Johan Friedrich created Tiergarten in 1678 for hunting by releasing 120 deer into the forest - about the number there now. You can see some of them up close at the Hubertus enclosure, but throughout the forest you'll see lots of species of birds as well.
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