Day Trips
Steinhuder Meer - The biggest stretch of inland water in Germany, this is a great place for sailing and other water sports, swimming and sun bathing. Boat out to the Wilhelmstein, an artificial island in the lake that Duke Wilhelm of Schaumburg Lippe built as a fortress. Kids fascinated by "things military" will like the exhibits of uniforms and military gear and cannons.
Go to the Open Air Dinosaur Museum (Munchehagen, near Wunstorf) - Walk along a 1.5 mile trail following the history of the earth, complete with full-scale replicas of dinos, watch a video, look at the wonderful dioramas of these kid faves, and then really let kids go crazy. How about "digging up" a dino "skeleton?" Or playing with a huge dino puzzle? Make a model dino in clay, or identify a dino by touch only - there are lots of exhibits and activities.
Freizeitpark Park (Verden) - This theme park is really great for younger kids, who will have a fun time riding a "dragon" on a rail across the park or riding real ponies, sliding down the giant water slide or paddling "log boats" through Old West teepees and forts, or climbing through fairy-tale castles and cottages past gnomes.
Wisentgehege Springe (Springe) - A bison reserve established when these huge animals were on the verge of extinction: 300 have been bred here, and now it's also home to other threatened species: the 'Przewalski horse, otters, wolves, lynx, etc. In the spring and summer all the animal babies and blooming flowers make this especially beautiful.
Marienburg Castle(near Nordstemmen) - Marienburg Castle sits in the lovely Leine river valley. The castle was built in 1857 for George V, the last King and Queen of Hannover, who used it as a summer residence. The castle is now a museum of the lifestyle of the last Hannover royals.
Rasti-Land (Salzhemmendorf, near Hildesheim) - For bigger kids, great whitewater rafting rides and miniature car races, there's also a puppet theater and playground for little ones. Pack a picnic for an afternoon here.
Erse-Park (Uetze) - A theme park with lots of water rides like the Tornado Tube, the Hara Kiri water slide, the Blizzard slide, the wild water ride, or relax on a cruise on a Viking ship. It's not all about water - there's a butterfly cable car, a cloud cuckoo railway, a mini loop, the Draisinen railway, and mini golf.
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